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-Shield Docs Combines Secure File Sharing and Collaboration, Virtual Data Room, Document Management and Data Protection in an Australian First -


In a country where 13,687 cybercrimes were reported between April and June this year, Shield Docs today launched its Australian-first secure file-sharing solution, providing a trusted cloud-based environment that can be used to share, store and utilise critical files and data sets with complete end-to-end visibility and efficiency. The comprehensive suite of functions has not been offered under one umbrella on a single platform until now.


Shield Docs provides unparalleled confidence in security of business-critical data, documentation and intellectual property.


The Shield Docs unified data protection platform provides users with layered security, enhanced productivity and intelligence features which offer an intuitive mix of secure file sharing and collaboration, virtual data room, document management and data protection capabilities. The product can be customised to offer a cost-effective, secure and tailored solution for C-suite executives, technology and sales teams, procurement departments, lawyers, bankers and company boards across a range of scenarios.


Shield Docs is the evolution of well-established data-room solution company DealDocs, which has been a prominent player in the legal, banking and finance space since 2014. The company is headed by Michael Khoury who is also the Forensic IT partner at Ferrier Hodgson, one of the largest specialist corporate turnaround and advisory firms in the Asia Pacific.


"Shield Docs delivers dedicated solutions to support a broader range of business functions so that decision makers can access and utilise critical files and data sets without compromising security or business process efficiency," says Shield Docs CEO & Founder Michael Khoury.


"The advent of cloud, BYOD and mobile device technology has only enhanced these opportunities and risks. As security concerns plague businesses across the board it is essential that they establish and maintain effective oversight of valuable organisational data, that is what Shield Docs delivers in a variety of situations," he continues.


Shield Docs offers users full control over who has access to their data and when that access is allowed. These controls are combined with business process-enhancing workflows and in-built analytical features to create a platform that operates comfortably and adroitly between security and efficiency. “Shield Docs has been developed from the DealDocs offering, to provide a holistic solution, not just in the transaction space, but also in procurement, property management, board communications and much more,” says Khoury.


"With the increased functionality capable of adapting to a variety of industries and markets, as well as our economical monthly subscription option, we will be replacing DealDocs with the more versatile and secure Shield Docs," he says.


Shield Docs also offers an Enterprise Licensing program which is aimed at larger corporates and charged on a per workspace basis for unlimited number of users. Shield Docs is ideal for confidential business transactions including mergers and acquisitions, and due diligence processes, as well as facilitating tenders, board papers, start-up documents and IP, property transactions, capital and debt raising, procurement processes, franchise data, and more.


"With the growing reliance on online document transmission in everyday business dealings, Shield Docs provides users with the security of knowing their sensitive business documents can only be accessed by those who are authorised, and the data is safe from unauthorised prying eyes," says Khoury.



About Shield Docs:  Shield Docs has evolved from Deal Docs, which was established in 2014. Using advanced AES encryption systems, documents are fully protected to create impenetrable cloud based workspaces, whilst still enabling intuitive use and access by authorised users. 


About Michael Khoury: Shield Docs CEO & Founder Michael Khoury presently also heads the Forensic IT practice of Ferrier Hodgson. He is retained by a number of firms and commercial clients to undertake sensitive and high-profile computer forensic assignments including Foreign Corruption related investigations across Asia.


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