-Shield Docs releases greater security and functionality across its platform, teaming with defence heavyweight Thales to incorporate state of the art encryption features-


Australian owned and operated Unified Data Protection platform Shield Docs will release its latest product enhancements (Version 6) at The Future of Financial Services Conference in Sydney on 8 November.


Shield Docs combines cutting-edge security features and productivity-enhancing functionality to provide a flexible cloud-based data management solution that can be customised to support a wide variety of business processes.


Teaming with defence security heavyweight Thales has led to one of the key platform enhancements in Version 6, the incorporation of Thales Vormetric Encryption at Rest and Key Management Technology, ensuring that data will be protected regardless of whether it is in Shield Docs servers or in the client’s own cloud environment.


Shield Docs’ enhanced functionality will enable institutions to expand their data management capabilities and assist them to deal with emerging challenges such as Open Banking.  


"Throughout their history, banks have relied heavily upon perimeter-based security measures to maintain, protect and control sensitive customer information. As financial institutions engage with emerging technologies and concepts such as open banking, the effectiveness of these traditional approaches to security can become significantly compromised." says Shield Docs CEO Michael Khoury.


"Our financial industry clients have told us they want to manage their own encryption keys and our encryption at rest and key management functionality ensures that no-one, but the Key Holder has access, including Shield Docs. We have introduced many significant and game-changing elements in our latest version of Shield Docs which will ensure customers have full control and complete real-time visibility over their data." he says.


Shield Docs has introduced three major enhancements to its platform:

  1. Encryption at Rest and Key Management Technology - Shield Docs has partnered with defence security heavyweight Thales to provide the most secure environment for sensitive documents to date. Not only are documents heavily protected from hacking on Shield Docs servers, but by giving clients sole control over the Management Key, information is completely protected from everyone but the key holder.
  2. New Identity Access Management which integrates Shield Docs with leading identity access solutions such as Azure AD, OKTA and Google Suite for true Single Sign-On (SSO) experience. Azure AD will provide a single ID for users, creating a seamless and federated experience between Microsoft and other compatible Apps. For a large banking or finance company, it allows ownership and control of all user accounts, eliminating a potential vulnerability point with seamless authentication.
  3. Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication Methods – With FIDO2 security support, Shield Docs has taken multi-factor authentication to the next level with a range of security protocols that use biometrics (including fingerprint and facial recognition), PIN and NFC.


Furthermore, Shield Docs is the first Australian company to offer enhanced functionality with the added benefit of data sovereignty.


"We have ensured that all our clients’ data stays in Australia at all times," says Khoury. "Our financial services clients, particularly within banking, have been asking for the enhanced functionality we have introduced with the Version 6 release of Shield Docs," says Khoury. 


Shield Docs will be on Stand 17 at The Future of Financial Services Conference at The Hilton Hotel Sydney on 8 and 9 November 2018.



About Shield Docs:  Shield Docs has evolved from Deal Docs, which was established in 2014. Using advanced AES encryption systems, documents are fully protected to create impenetrable cloud based workspaces, whilst still enabling intuitive use and access by authorised users. 


About Michael Khoury: Shield Docs CEO & Founder Michael Khoury presently also heads the Forensic IT practice of Ferrier Hodgson. He is retained by a number of firms and commercial clients to undertake sensitive and high-profile computer forensic assignments including Foreign Corruption related investigations across Asia.


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