What is Shield Docs

Shield Docs is the only cloud-based solution to combine secure file sharing and collaboration, virtual data room, document management and data protection in a single package.

It offers an intuitive and customisable mix of functions to share, edit, store and utilise critical files and data sets with complete end-to-end visibility and efficiency, giving your business peace of mind that sensitive information will remain secure from unauthorised access.

Facilitate Trust
Conduct business in a safe environment
Reduce Risk
Secure sharing and storage of documents
Improve Productivity and Efficiency
Automate processes to reduce administrative load
Streamline Governance and Compliance
Use workflow tools integrated with your calendar
Integrity Assurance
Constant audit, reporting and dashboards keep you informed
Stronger Negotiation
Using AI and pattern matching



This module delivers the core security functionality of the Shield Docs platform. It includes features such as granular user access control, digital fingerprinting, remote document termination, information rights management and two factor authentication amongst others.

This module allows users to interact with information stored within Shield Docs. This includes features such as annotations, Q&A, digital signing, polling and voting.

This module enables users to work together on documents within Shield Docs workspace in realtime, improving productivity and version control. Online collaboration for MS Office documents is the key function of this module.

This module provides access to advanced reporting capabilities for all activity within your workspace. This includes features such as interactive dashboards, artificial intelligence, geolocation tracking and activity monitoring.

This optional module allows users the ability to archive their data in the cloud. This is useful for records retention compliance or if the user may need to access the information from the workspace at a later date.


The Shield Docs unified data protection platform provides users with layered security, enhanced productivity and intelligence features. The product can be customised to offer a cost-effective, secure and tailored solution for C-suite executives, technology and sales teams, procurement departments, lawyers, bankers and company boards across a range of scenarios.


Facilitate deals of all different shapes and sizes with confidence, including M&A transactions & due diligence processes.

Securely compose, disseminate and annotate board packs and manage corporate governance in a timely manner.

Securely share franchise related documentation and maintain continued access control.

Streamline procurement processes with complete oversight for probity and governance.

Streamline tender / RFP collation, collaboration and approval workflows for on-time submissions.

Facilitate property transactions and strata engagements with complete transparency.

Manage capital and debt raising syndications with ease.

Securely store and share start-up documents and IP with external parties.

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